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1. Who Do You Want To Be President?

2. Prop 27 Should We Legalize Out Of State Gaming?

3. Legalize Marijuana On A Federal Level For 21 And Over.

4. Should Abortion Be Legal In All 50 States For Every Woman In America?

5. Should States Where Recreational Marijuana Is Now Legal Release Those Incarcerated For Marijuana Possession?

6. Should Donald Trump Be Prosecuted For His Crimes?

7. Should Elected Government Employees Be Prosecuted For Their Crimes At A Higher Level With A Worse Penalty?

8. Should Immigrants Requesting United States Citizenship Be Required To Serve 2-6 Years In Our Military?

9. Should We Revoke Elon Musk Citizenship And Send Him Back To South Africa?

10. Should The United States Push The United Nations To Assist Ukraine?